Today in language arts class, we discussed the importance of using a pseudonym online. Every student needs to consistently use a pseudonym whenever they add comments to this blog or English Emporium. Mrs. Sparhawk has a sign-up sheet, where you can write your pseudonym next to your real name.

But why is it so important to use a pseudonym? Well there are lots of scary, creepy people out there on planet earth. Some of them have the Internet. They might be friendly online, but their motives are icky. They might want to stalk you or something bad like that. So it’s important to protect yourself by following these important guidelines any time you’re on the Internet–not just this website but other websites too:

  • Never use your real name
  • Never talk about the town you live in
  • Don’t mention the name of the school you go to or your school mascot
  • Avoid using your friends’ or classmates’ real names online
  • Don’t mention the names of towns or cities close by where you live
  • Never give anyone your real street address or phone number

Why? You might think you’re talking online to an attractive person who’s about your age, when in fact, you’re talking online to this guy:

Image: iClipart


Yeah. Gross, huh?

So if you haven’t signed up to use an online pseudonym yet, please do so. Mrs. Sparhawk has the list; just tell her what you’d like your pseudonym to be, and she’ll write it down on the pseudonym list for you.

Also in language arts, we put our names on name strips, to sign up for classroom computer use. Please let Mrs. Sparhawk know that you still need to put your name on one of these. Thanks.

Remember, your homework is to download the “English Handbook Pages” by Tuesday, September 13th. If you click on the link here, you can easily download this important document. Remember you have lots of options open to you. You can print the “English Handbook Pages” from any of the following places:

  • the school’s computer lab
  • the school’s library
  • our town’s public library
  • Mrs. Sparhawk’s classroom computers (by appointment)
  • a trusted friend or family member’s computer

If there are any problems with printing your “English Handbook Pages” by Tuesday next week, please come talk to me. I try to be fair about this sort of thing, but I also want my students to familiarize themselves with this website and its features.


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