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Today we put together our writing file folders in Mrs. Sparhawk’s class. If you were absent for this, please ask her for a colored file folder. Then go to the make-up work center at the back of the classroom and look for the Six Traits Writing Log document, which is found under the “Extra Credit” box. Put one of these inside your colored file folder and put your name on the file folder’s tab. These file folders will go in a box in the make-up work center. (Just look for a box full of file folders the same color as yours.) We’ll be using these to store our future writing assignments.

Mrs. Sparhawk also started talking to her classes about the upcoming Patriot’s Pen Essay Contest. If you’d like to know more about this important contest, please click on the link I’ve provided here. Some students may be given a handout on this during their Advisory class. Some may need to get the handout from Mrs. Sparhawk next week instead. The Patriot’s Pen Essay Contest is a great way to honor our American veterans, as it is sponsored by our local chapter of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Mrs. Sparhawk’s classes kick off their participation in this contest every year around September 11th, because it helps us re-connect with our fellow Americans as we remember that tragic day when our country was attacked by cruel acts of terrorism. I hope parents and staff will encourage students to participate in this contest with patriotic fervor.

Remember, your homework is to download the “English Handbook Pages” by Tuesday, September 13th. If you click on the link here, you can  download this important document. 

Students also listed their online pseudonym on a sign-up sheet in Mrs. Sparhawk’s class today. If you’ve been absent, please tell Mrs. Sparhawk what your pseudonym will be, so she can offer you an opportunity to do your extra credit safely online. (See yesterday’s posting for more about pseudonyms and their purpose.)


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