one-legged pirate picture of long john silver

Image: iClipart

Today’s word card was buccaneer. (New word card worksheets are in Reading Box 1 in the make-up work center.) On your Vocabulary Word Cards worksheet, you’ll need to fill out the syllable breaks, definition, part of speech, and sentence portion of your word card, but you are welcome to copy today’s drawing from one of your classmates’ word card worksheets.

We continued reading Treasure Island today. If you need time to catch up on the reading you missed, there’s usually time for that on Mondays when we go to the library as a class.

Today’s journal writing prompt was Quote examples from the book that may prove the author is prejudiced against handicapped people and explain the quotes you’ve chosen. Remember, you need to copy the whole writing prompt onto your reading log, along with your response to it. Thanks! 🙂


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