how to teach parts of speech effectively

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It’s possible that Mrs. Sparhawk took grades on the D.O.L. today. Please ask her if she did, and if so, you need to go to a box in the make-up work center that says “extra D.O.L.” and get a worksheet from this box. You can take this worksheet home and do it as homework, but don’t forget to turn it in when you return to school tomorrow.

Today Mrs. Sparhawk’s language arts classes created a parts of speech folder during class. This folder requires that you get the parts of speech headings page out of the Friday box. You can ask Mrs. Sparhawk to show you what a finished parts of speech folder looks like, then you can take your parts of speech headings home and make a folder on your own at home. We’ll be using these folders about once a month or so, in class, for the remainder of the school year.


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