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In reading class today, we turned in our vocabulary word cards. We also turned in our latest sticker sheets. So if you were gone today, be sure to turn yours in. New word cards and sticker sheets are found in the make-up work center, in the reading boxes. Help yourself to these please.

Mrs. Sparhawk also handed back our graded materials. Be sure to ask her for your graded papers today.

Students went to the library, two at a time, as needed (mostly to pay fines), because earlier today, in language arts, everyone had already been to the library to renew, return, or check out a book. Do you owe a fine at the library? Do you have a book you need to renew or return? Please have Mrs. Sparhawk sign your agenda, so you can go to the library during reading time to take care of your library business.

Today’s word card was interview. Please make this word card on your own, but you’re welcome to use your classmates’ word card to copy the picture (if you can’t see the clipart image on this page). Just do the rest of the work yourself, please.


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