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There was no D.O.L. assignment today. Why not? We met in the big computer lab (the one at the end of the eighth grade hall), to type our “Patriot’s Pen” essays for the V.F.W.’s essay contest.

All essays must be turned in by Friday, October 14th, to avoid being docked for turning yours in late. However, the V.F.W. will accept all essays until November 1st, according to the rules of the contest. But for Mrs. Sparhawk’s class, you need to turn in each of the following items, on Friday, for a grade on this essay:

  • your flowchart
  • a first draft with at least 10 proofreading symbols (come in at lunch or after school to have Mrs. Sparhawk edit for you if your peers couldn’t find that many mistakes)
  • a double-spaced final draft, typed using size 12 font (Times New Roman)
  • the “Patriot’s Pen” essay contest form (Mrs. Sparhawk handed these out on Monday, but she has extras if you need one)
  • a six traits writing evaluation form (found in the Friday box, in the make-up work center, at the back of Mrs. Sparhawk’s classroom)

Each of these items will be submitted for a grade on Friday, and if you’ve been following instructions all along, you should easily find each of these (except maybe the contest form) in your colored file folder, in Mrs. Sparhawk’s class.

Remember, don’t put your name anywhere on your final draft, as that will disqualify you from winning the essay contest. And keep STUDYING for Friday’s re-test over all the spelling/vocabulary words we’ve had so far this year.


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