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It’s possible that Mrs. Sparhawk took grades on the D.O.L. (grammar assignment) today. Please ask her if she did. If so, you need to go to a box in the make-up work center that says “extra D.O.L.” and get a worksheet from this box. You can take this home and do it as homework, but don’t forget to turn it in when you return to school.

Mrs. Sparhawk handed back our graded “Patriot’s Pen” essays today. If you were absent, she has yours to give you. Just ask her for it. We’ll be keeping these in our writing portfolios, so once you get yours back, please put it inside your colored file folder in the makeup work center.

Today everyone was given a copy of the graphic organizer called “Getting Ready to Write”. (You may have gotten one early, if you got your assignments done ahead of time.) These are due Tuesday, October 25th, but if everyone finishes theirs by Monday, then we get to go to the library for a fun activity called a Book Graffiti Board! So try to get your “Getting Ready to Write” graphic organizer done over the weekend. It has two sides: a side where you brainstorm fall topics in the form of a web and a side where you list rhyming words in a rhyme table. Extra graphic organizers are in the Friday box, or you can download one here.


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