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Students: it’s possible that Mrs. Sparhawk took grades on the D.O.L. (grammar assignment) today. Please ask her if she did. If so, you need to go to a box in the make-up work center that says “Extra D.O.L.” and get a worksheet from this box. You can take this home and do it as homework, but don’t forget to turn it in when you return to school.

Parents: there will be no spelling/vocabulary list this week, due to the upcoming Thanksgiving vacation. Watch for a new vocabulary list next week though!

Students copied vocabulary words into their parts of speech folders today. Students need to hold onto their vocabulary lists (even after the spelling test is over), because we’ll be doing various activities with our vocabulary words from time to time. Also, the vocabulary final exam at the end of the first semester will require that students turn in hand-written definitions for every vocabulary word we’ve been given throughout the semester; so don’t throw away your old vocabulary lists, kids!

Also, remember that your outlines are due tomorrow. Did you get yours done in class? If so, you’re fine. If not, don’t forget to do yours as homework.


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