Bill Cosby speech class lesson plans graphic organizer to accompany film movie Bill Cosby Himself

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Students: it’s possible that Mrs. Sparhawk took grades on the D.O.L. (grammar assignment) today. Please ask her if she did. If so, it’s now possible to download a D.O.L. makeup sheet right here on Clipboards. Just click on the “Assignments” button at the top and download one of the D.O.L. makeup assignments. (Or you can just get one from the makeup work center at school.)

Parents: There will be no vocabulary list given this week, since we are trying to wrap up the last of the speeches before the quarter ends on Friday. Next week everyone will be given a new vocabulary list however, so please watch for that.

Officially, speeches began on Tuesday, January 10, but a smattering of students still need to give their speeches.  If you haven’t given yours yet, be sure and remind Mrs. Sparhawk that you still need to give a speech. Everyone needs to take home their visual aid by Friday, January 20th, or it will be thrown away in the school dumpster (sorry)!

For classes that finished their speeches already, we’ll be watching the second half of Bill Cosby’s family-appropriate stand-up comedy movie, Bill Cosby Himself.  While watching that movie, students will fill out a graphic organizer that helps them think about what makes Mr. Cosby such a fantastic public speaker. Then we’ll set goals for ourselves, so the next time we have to give a public speech, we’ll do even better than we did this time around! If you need a Cosby graphic organizer, please go to the Monday box in the make-up work center. That’s where you’ll find extra copies.

Look back at Monday’s language arts post to see a clip from our movie.


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