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There was no D.O.L. assignment, because the whole class met in the computer lab today. We were given a simple assignment:

  1. Log into edmodo
  2. Take the quiz on adverbs and adjectives
  3. Go to English Emporium
  4. Surf around through the various stories posted there
  5. Read some of your classmates’ stories
  6. Pick your three favorites and submit a comment nominating those three for an award

If you were absent today, but you have access to the Internet from home, it should be easy enough to make this up. The adverbs/adjectives quiz on edmodo counts for a ten-point grammar-score grade, so you MUST take it. It’s not optional. The nomination of three winning stories is also required, for participation points. Everyone should submit their three favorites. Please take the time to do this assignment, whether you do it at home or from the computers in Mrs. Sparhawk’s classroom. You don’t want to miss these fun and easy points!


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