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Students: Mrs. Sparhawk was absent today, so the students had a guest teacher. Ask Mrs. Sparhawk if you can check out a red text book, so you can do the assignment that everyone else completed when she was absent today. For this assignment, please read page 461 and do Exercise 11 on page 462 in the red text. Write out the whole sentence, please. Don’t forget to turn it in!

Parents: Students need to bring their Folklore vocabulary list home with them to study for the upcoming re-test, which will be given on Friday, February 10, 2012. Only a handful of students aced last Friday’s test; those students won’t be required to re-test, but everyone else will, because Mrs. Sparhawk will record the higher of the two test scores. So even if the student earned a B last week, they can re-test this week for a better grade.

To check your child’s score on the first Folklore test, please visit Powerschool through our school’s website. My grades were up-to-date as of Friday, February 3, 2012.


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