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Today’s word card was narrator. On your Vocabulary Word Cards worksheet, you’ll need to fill out the syllable breaks, definition, part of speech (i.e. noun, verb, adjective, etc.) and sentence portion of your word card for this, but you are welcome to copy today’s drawing from one of your classmates’ word card worksheets.

We continued reading Treasure Island today. If you need time to catch up on the pages you missed, there’s usually time for that on Mondays when we go to the library as a class. Meanwhile, do you remember how to make up a missing reading sticker? Just read a library book at home and ask your parent to sign your agenda stating that you did so (under that day’s date). Show this to Mrs. Sparhawk, and she’ll give you a sticker for the day you missed.

Today’s journal writing prompt was Who are the two character narrators in Treasure Island, and why are two narrators necessary?  Remember, you need to copy the whole writing prompt onto your reading log, along with your response to it.

At the end of class today, Mrs. Sparhawk collected everyone’s biography book report forms. If you were absent today, please turn yours in right away, as late papers lose ten points per day for tardiness! Don’t forget to turn it in immediately! (Put it in Mrs. Sparhawk’s own hand; never leave it sitting on her messy desk, or it may get lost!)


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