Folklore, Folk Story, Tall Tale Graphic Organizer and Lesson Plans Plus Powerpoint

Graphics: iClipart

Students: it’s possible that Mrs. Sparhawk took grades on the D.O.L. (grammar assignment) today. Please ask her if she did. If so, it’s now possible to download a D.O.L. makeup sheet right here on Clipboards. Just click on the “Assignments” button at the top and download one of the D.O.L. makeup assignments. (Or you can just get one from the makeup work center at school.)

On Tuesday, February 7, Mrs. Sparhawk handed out a new vocabulary list. This one’s a whopper! It’s got fifty words, but no definitions. Instead, the students were given time in class to copy their own definitions from the dictionary.

Parents: This vocabulary will be the subject our test tomorrow, so they have LOTS to study tonight. (Note though: some students didn’t pass the Folklore Vocabulary test, even though it has been given twice. Those students who still haven’t learned the vocabulary concepts for our folklore unit will be tested again over Folklore Vocabulary List 4C, because those words are profoundly important to know for the ISAT test over READING concepts.)

Students who were absent today missed one of our fun folklore stories, “Brer Rabbit’s Cool Air Swing”. There will be a chance to make up this story later next week though.


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