study guide for the treasure island final exam

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Normally we do a word card, read a few chapters from Treasure Island, and then do a journal entry, but today’s schedule will be very different. Students are taking the Treasure Island final exam on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. (It takes two full class periods–about 90 minutes– as it’s an open-book, open-note essay test.) Since Friday, March 23, 2012 is the last day of the quarter, I’m asking that all students finish taking the make-up final by this Friday, March 16, 2012. That allows me time to get it graded before report cards come out. So students, if you’ve been absent, please set an official appointment to come in at lunch or after school before this Friday to finish your final. Every student will be allowed 90 minutes to finish the test.

I will not be available on Wednesday night after school, because that’s when my daughter has piano lessons. Sorry for the inconvenience. But I can stay after school until 4:30 nearly any other night, if the student takes the initiative to make an official appointment.

If you will be making up the test, DO NOT WATCH THE MOVIE WITH THE REST OF OUR CLASS. Those days will be days when you’ll have to make up your test, as make-up tests will not be accepted after this Friday. You’ll have to remind Mrs. Sparhawk that you still need to take the test, as she may not remember that. So step up and say, “Mrs. Sparhawk, I need to take the test today”–BEFORE the movie begins.

There was no word card today and no journal question.


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