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Both Mrs. Sparhawk’s language arts and her reading classes met in the computer lab today.


We published our story swap assignments online. Go to to type in your story swap assignment. Remember to keep all language and topics school-appropriate. Even though school is out, you’re welcome to continue to invent creative stories on English Emporium. Mrs. Sparhawk will read and enjoy them all summer long!


Go to English Emporium. In the right margin, look for Stevenson, Robert Louis (see link). Add your comments to each of the journal questions listed there. Your responses to these journal questions will be considered a final exam for reading. Answer as many of these journal questions as you can. If there’s one you don’t feel confident to answer, skip that one. There are twelve posts in all. Remember to use complete sentences, with a capital at the beginning of your sentences and a period at the end.


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