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Welcome back to school everyone!

Today we had a sort of wacky schedule:

7:45-8:05 — Schedules were handed out at the front entrance/lobby.

8:05-8:10 — Students were seated in the gym.

8:10 – 8:30 — Welcome assembly in the gym.

8:30 – 9:00 –Students went to their Advisory teachers for locker assignments and the distribution of agenda books.

9:00–Advisory classes dismissed students to go to the pancake breakfast.

After that, classes went as planned, but we had lunch after second period, we skipped fourth period, and we met in Advisory again at the end of eighth period.

If you were gone from any of Mrs. Webmaster’s classes on this day, you need to go to the make-up work center (back of the classroom) and find the “Classroom Rules” sheet that’s in the Tuesday box. Read it, sign it, and turn it in to Mrs. Webmaster, please. If you have a question about any of the rules, feel free to ask it.

To make sure you understand the rules, take a look at this Animoto video:

It asks all the questions Mrs. Webmaster went over during your language arts class today. If you can answer those questions, after reading over my rules, then you’ll do just fine!

Reading classes may have made a “word card” for the vocabulary term “captain.” If you’re in Mrs. Webmaster’s reading class, be sure and ask her if you also need to make a word card for “captain.” If you’re in her language arts class, but you have a different teacher for reading, don’t worry about this stuff that’s written in red.

If you were gone when lockers were assigned, you’ll need to talk to your Advisory teacher about getting a locker (and an agenda book).


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