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During language arts today, we practiced the “daily oral language” or D.O.L. sentences. We’re learning how to correct the D.O.L. using proofreading symbols found in the “English Handbook Pages,” and we’re also learning how to correct each others’ D.O.L. sentences.

You’ll need to know how to access the “English Handbook Pages” from class. There are blue folders sitting on a rolling cart, near the bookshelf at the back of the classroom. Every single day, you need to get these and take them to your seat with you. These blue folders contain the “English Handbook Pages,” which are, essentially, the answers to the D.O.L. for the day. So don’t forget to go get one. It will really help you do well in language arts this year.

Another way you can access the “English Handbook Pages” from home or a personal electronic device, is by clicking on the “Shakespeare” icon in the left margin of this page. If you can see that icon, you can link to the “English Handbook Pages” online. It contains the same material found in the blue folders in class. Once again, these are the ANSWERS to the D.O.L., so it’s very important to use them when doing the D.O.L.

By next week, you need to be comfortable enough with the D.O.L. assignments for Mrs. Webmaster to begin recording scores on the D.O.L. sentences. If you have any questions at all, please ask her.


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