List of Commonly Misspelled Words for Middle School Students

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During language arts today, we practiced the “daily oral language” or D.O.L. sentences. We’re learning how to correct the D.O.L. using proofreading symbols found in the “English Handbook Pages,” and we’re also learning how to correct each others’ D.O.L. sentences.

We were also given a list of the most commonly misspelled words for seventh graders. You can find this list, using the vocabulary list link at the top of this page (or just click on vocabulary in this post). You will be tested over these vocabulary words on Friday, September 21. So keep studying them!

Mrs. Webmaster also told us a little about the Patriot’s Pen essay contest, which will be coming up soon. Click on the Patriot’s Pen link, if you’d like to know more about the contest, but don’t start your essay at home. All essays must be completed in school to qualify for this contest.


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