how do you teach your students to revise their essay ?

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In language arts class today, we had to “revise” yesterday’s D.O.L. (see the link for an explanation–scroll down to the bottom for an example). You’ll be asked to revise future D.O.L. sentences, as well, so be prepared for that. You’ve got to know what it means! If you don’t understand the term, “revise” please ask Mrs. Webmaster about it. She’ll show you more examples, so you can have a better idea of what “revise” means.

After we did our D.O.L. assignment, we put together our writing portfolios. Ask Mrs. Webmaster for a colored file folder. Inside your colored file folder, you”ll need to place a “Writing Log” sheet. You can find extra copies of the “Writing Log” in the bottom portion of the “assignment boxes” (which are found in the make-up work center, at the back of the classroom). You’ll have to get the folder from Mrs. Webmaster though.

If you’re at home, you can print the “Writing Log” sheet from English Emporium. It will be posted there this week.

It’s possible that we started making our flowcharts for the Patriot’s Pen essay contest. If we ran out of time, though, we’ll start that next week. You’ll need to ask Mrs. Webmaster if you need to make a flowchart, or if you’ll be doing that next week.


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