State Standardized Test Questions on Steps in the Writing Process

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It’s possible that Mrs. Webmaster took grades (i.e. wrote scores in her grade book) for the D.O.L. today. Please ask her if she did. If so, you need to go to a box in the make-up work center that says “extra D.O.L.” and get a worksheet from this box. You can take this home and do it as homework, but don’t forget to turn it in when you return to school tomorrow. If you’re reading this at home, you can download and print a D.O.L. from the Assignments page.

Mrs. Webmaster also gave us a pre-test over the writing process. You can do your pre-test quickly and easily right here. On a piece of notebook paper, please write the following, leaving spaces for your responses:

  1. What do you already know about the writing process?
  2. What do you think you know about the writing process, but you’re not 100% sure?
  3. Now write three questions you still have about the writing process.

Don’t forget to turn that paper in with your name on it. Thanks!


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