how do you motivate students to study for spelling tests ?

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Students: it’s possible that Mrs. Webmaster took grades on the D.O.L. (grammar assignment) today. Please ask her if she did. If so,you can download a D.O.L. makeup sheet right here on Clipboards. (Or you can just get one from the makeup work center in her classroom.)

Parents: Mrs. Webmaster gave a spelling/vocabulary test today over the spelling list found in the “English Handbook Pages.” Students who were absent for this spelling/vocabulary test, should set an official appointment to come in at lunch and make up the test please.

She also collected everyone’s language arts pre-test today. This is not a “graded” test so much as a participation score. If students completed it, they will be given full credit. The purpose of a pre-test is to give students a chance to show the teacher what they did/didn’t learn in 6th grade before embarking on the 7th grade curriculum. However, if students were absent today, they must remember to turn theirs in as well.

Always put make-up work directly into Mrs. Webmaster’s hand; never leave it sitting on her desk. Thanks!


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