what can i do with my students to prepare them for veterans' day ?

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Because we met in the computer lab today, we didn’t do a D.O.L. assignment.

Normally, we’d have a new vocabulary list this week, but we’ll be postponing that until next week, to allow us time to type our “Patriot’s Pen” essays.

If you were absent today, you need to be aware that we have spent Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the computer lab this week, but after that, all essays will need to be turned  in on Friday for a grade. If you find you need more time to get your essay typed, just set an appointment to come in at lunch or after school this week to get that typing done.

The “Patriot’s Pen” essay contest has a specific deadline. All essays must be turned in before that deadline. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

If you didn’t get your essay printed, please be aware that the student computers in Mrs. Webmaster’s classroom cannot print. Therefore, you’ll have to set an appointment to go to the library and print your essay while your classmates work on their poems in class next week. (Or come in at lunch to do the same.) The library is the only other place where you can access your essay and print it. Do not delay! If you’re too late, your essay will not be submitted for the contest with the others…


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