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I’m getting a lot of hits for the snowflake poem shape that I use in my language arts classes. If you would like a copy, visit my sister webiste:

EnglishEmporium.WordPress.Com and use the search tool there.

Please note that this week is a super-short week, so our spelling/vocabulary test will be given on Friday, November 30. The spelling words and definitions can be found on the Vocabulary page, here on Clipboards, if you forgot to bring them home to study.

Mrs. Webmaster also took the students to the school library to check out a “classic novel” for extra credit. This quarter, in order to earn extra credit, students will need to read a classic novel (approved by Mrs. Webmaster) and fill out a book report form on that novel. Thanksgiving vacation might be a good time to get started on that extra credit assignment.

Today we turned in the following parts of our snowflake poem assignment:

  • Rhyme Table 2
  • A first draft of the poem
  • At least five proofreading symbols (to show that the poem was edited)
  • A final draft of the poem, revised onto a snowflake shape

If you were gone when we turned these in, be sure and turn yours in right away! Remember, never put make-up work on Mrs. Webmaster’s desk; put assignments directly into her hand. Thanks!

It’s possible that Mrs. Webmaster took grades on the D.O.L. today. Please ask her if she did. If so, you need to get one from a box in the make-up work center that says “extra D.O.L.” You can take this home and do it as homework, but don’t forget to turn it in when you return to school tomorrow. If you’re reading this at home, you can download and print a D.O.L. from the Assignments page, as long as you haven’t already done those D.O.L. sentences.


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I am a school librarian with an English degree, and I like to write books. My literary agent is Elizabeth Kracht of Kimberley Cameron & Associates.

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