what's the role of silver's parrot captain flint in robert louis stevenson's treasure island ?

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If you’re absent this week, you’ll need to make up your missing word cards and journals (which are listed below). You’ll also need to read your library book at home for 30 minutes and have your parent/guardian sign your agenda stating that you did so.

Nov. 26:

  • Word card = Jolly Roger
  • Journal = none (we went to the library).

Nov. 27:

  • Word card = foreshadow
  • Journal = Who is the most villainous character in Treasure Island, and what makes him/her seem so villainous?

Nov. 28:

  • Word card = schooner
  • Journal = Explain how Billy Bones’ “…seafaring man with one leg” foreshadows the true nature of a certain character.

Nov. 29:

  • Word card = stockade
  • Journal = Look at the map of Treasure Island (front of the book) and describe what you see there.

Nov. 30:

  • Word card = coracle
  • Journal = Who are the two character narrators, and why are two narrators needed?

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