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Any time you’ve been gone, you need to ask Mrs. Webmaster if she took grades on the D.O.L. assignments. If so, go get a D.O.L. make-up sheet from the make-up work center, take it home, follow the directions, and turn it in. Remember that Mrs. Webmaster’s hand is her in-box; NEVER leave make-up work on her desk.

Monday, Dec. 3: We were given a new vocabulary list (found in the Monday box). See this link to find the definitions. You also need to write assignments in your agenda. We finished scoring the story swap assignments today. Do you need a score for yours? Set an appointment to come in at lunch or after school to score yourself using our Powerpoint program.

Tuesday, Dec. 4: We continued to copy down our vocabulary definitions. We also created a web (spider web) for the letter to Santa. Look on the back of your vocabulary list to find an example.

Wednesday, Dec. 5: If you were absent on Friday, November 30, or if you were unable to take our spelling test on MyBigCampus.com, then Mrs. Webmaster offered you a chance to re-test today. Everyone else spent time reviewing our grammar concepts. If you were absent today, and you have yet to take last Friday’s spelling test, please set an appointment to come in at lunch and make that up. Thanks!

Thursday, Dec. 6: Today we finished copying down our vocabulary definitions. We also used our webs to help us create a first draft of a friendly letter to Santa. Instructions are on the back of this week’s vocabulary list. Friendly letter format is found at English Emporium.

Friday, Dec. 7:  Today we started peer editing our letters to Santa. Again, details are on the back of the vocabulary list. Our spelling test is scheduled for Friday, Dec. 14.


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