Map of Treasure Island

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If you’re absent this week, you’ll need to make up your missing word cards and journals (which are listed below). You’ll also need to read your library book at home for 30 minutes and have your parent/guardian sign your agenda stating that you did so. Show this to Mrs. Webmaster, and she’ll give you a “reading sticker” for the day you missed.

Monday, Dec. 3:

  • Word card = dirk
  • Journal = none (we went to the library).
  • We were given book report forms today. Please go get one from Box 4.
  • Word cards were collected today. Please turn yours in.

Tuesday, Dec. 4:

  • Word card = anchorage
  • Journal = How was battle in the 1700s different from battles today?

Wednesday, Dec. 5:

  • Word card = coxswain
  • Journal = How has Jim’s opinion of Captain Smollett changed, and what brought about that change?

Thursday, Dec. 6:

  • Word card = idiom
  • Journal = If you were marooned on Treasure Island, how would you spend your time?
  • We turned in our book report forms today. Please turn yours in too.

Friday, Dec. 7:

  • No class–it was Fun Friday!

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