what was israel hands' role aboard the walrus as flint's gunner what was his job ?

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If you’re absent this week, you’ll need to make up your missing word cards and journals (which are listed below). You’ll also need to read your library book at home for 30 minutes and have your parent/guardian sign your agenda stating that you did so. Show this to Mrs. Webmaster, and she’ll give you a “reading sticker” for the day you missed.

Monday, Dec. 10:

  • Word card = gallows
  • Journal = none (we went to the library).
  • We went to the library to a.) return our mystery books and b.) check out a historical fiction book. Our next book report form will be over a historical fiction novel.

Tuesday, Dec. 11:

  • Word card = interview
  • Journal = Compare and contrast the coracle and the Hispaniola.

Wednesday, Dec. 12:

  • Word card = guinea
  • Journal = Identify five human characters who’ve been called “captain,” and name each one’s ship(s).

Thursday, Dec. 13:

  • Word card = compare
  • Journal = Who is the most heroic character in Treasure Island, and what makes him/her seem so heroic?

Friday, Dec. 14:

  • Word card = contrast
  • Journal = List three pirate idioms and explain what each one means.

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