khappyholidaysbgAny time you’ve been gone, you need to ask Mrs. Webmaster if she took grades on the D.O.L. assignments. If so, go get a D.O.L. make-up sheet from the make-up work center, take it home, do your best to edit it, and turn it in when you’re finished. Remember that Mrs. Webmaster’s hand is her in-box; NEVER leave make-up work on her desk.

Monday, Dec. 17: Please take the time to write assignments in your agenda. You’ll note that on Monday, we did an activity in the red, Writer’s Choice text books. Ask Mrs. Webmaster if you can check out one of these text books, so you can read through the lesson before completing the assignment that’s posted under “Monday” on the Agenda calendar.

Tuesday, Dec. 18: We started scoring our letters to Santa today. You may find that your letter was scored in your absence. What you missed while you were gone was the lesson: how are writing assignments scored? We’ll look at this in greater detail when we score our letters to parents.

Wednesday, Dec. 19: Today was a review day. No make-up work is necessary, unless we took grades on a D.O.L.

Thursday, Dec. 20:  Today we gave Mrs. Webmaster our letters to Santa, so they could be sent to the North Pole via the postal service. If you were gone today, she will not be mailing yours. (Sorry, but it will be too late after Christmas break.)

Friday, Dec. 21:  Today we finished scoring our letters to Santa. This was a graded assignment, so if you were gone on this day, you need to turn your first draft in immediately. Remember to put it in Mrs. Webmaster’s hand, not on her desk.


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I am a school librarian with an English degree, and I like to write books. My literary agent is Elizabeth Kracht of Kimberley Cameron & Associates.

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