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If you’re absent this week, you’ll need to make up your missing word cards (which are listed below). We didn’t get any reading stickers this week, because this is the week we’ll be taking the Treasure Island final exam. DO NOT WATCH THE MOVIE UNTIL YOU’VE FINISHED TAKING YOUR TEST! The test takes two class periods. You may come in at lunch or after school to take the test, but you’ll need to make sure you tell Mrs. Webmaster that you still need to take the test, because she won’t remember.

Monday, Jan. 7:

  • Word card = talent
  • Journal = none

Tuesday, Jan. 8:

  • Word card = hobby
  • We were given our test questions today. Please ask Mrs. Webmaster to give you one.

Wednesday, Jan. 9:

  • Word card = accomplishment
  • We continued working on our Treasure Island final exam essay tests today.

Thursday, Jan. 10:

  • There was no word card. We continued working on our final exams all hour. If you were absent, DO NOT watch the movie with us next week until you finish your test. You may come in at lunch, by appointment, to make up for this lost day of testing.

Friday, Jan. 11:

  • Snow Day–there was no school

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