Watching the movie Treasure Island starring Charlton Heston and Christian Bale

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Because it’s the last week of class, we won’t be doing word cards or journals at all this week.

Monday, Jan. 14:

  • We finished writing our Treasure Island final exam today. Since you were absent, you need to make absolutely sure you DON’T WATCH THE MOVIE until you’ve finished your test. Just tell Mrs. Webmaster that you still need to finish your test. She can send you to the library with Mrs. D to finish the test while the rest of us watch the movie.
  • We also turned in our historical fiction book report forms today. Please turn yours in immediately, as this is the very end of the quarter. You can’t delay! And remember, you must put all make-up work directly into Mrs. Webmaster’s hand. Never put it on her desk.

Tuesday, Jan.15-Wednesdy, Jan. 16

We watched the movie, Treasure Island. Bummer if you missed it, because it’s a fun movie!

Thursday, Jan. 17:

There was no reading class today, due to Fun Friday.

Friday, Jan. 18:  There was no school today.

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