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Any time you’ve been gone, you need to ask Mrs. Webmaster if she took grades on the D.O.L. assignments. If so, go get a D.O.L. make-up sheet from the make-up work center, take it home, follow the directions, and turn it in. Remember that Mrs. Webmaster’s hand is her in-box; NEVER leave make-up work on her desk.

Monday, Feb. 18: There was no school today, due to President’s Day.

Tuesday, Feb. 19: Please take the time to write assignments in your agenda. This week, each student created his/her own spelling list from the famous “I have a Dream” speech by Martin Luther King. Ask for a copy of the “I Have a Dream” speech and search for ten advanced vocabulary terms used in that speech. These will become your spelling words for the test (which will be given next Wednesday, instead of next Friday). Parents, please note that during our speeches, no vocabulary words will be given.

Wednesday, Feb. 20: Today we practiced for next Wednesday’s spelling test. Will you be ready for the test? Remember that the spelling words were chosen by each individual student, so they will all be different.

Thursday, Feb. 21: Today we finished editing our first drafts. Make sure you have at least ten proofreading symbols on your first draft before you begin to revise. If you need more time to edit, set an appointment to come in at lunch or after school to work on self-editing.

Friday, Feb. 22:  Today we finished revising our speeches. Please be ready to give your speech on Thursday, February 28th.

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