Folklore Journal Lesson Plans

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Any time you’ve been gone, you need to ask Mrs. Webmaster if she took grades on the D.O.L. assignments. If so, go get a D.O.L. make-up sheet from the make-up work center, take it home, follow the directions, and turn it in. Remember that Mrs. Webmaster’s hand is her in-box; NEVER leave make-up work on her desk.

Monday, March 18: Please take the time to write assignments in your agenda. Today we read about outlines in preparation for taking notes on a medieval topic. Since you were absent, please set an official appointment to come in at lunch and read pages 696-698 in the red Writers Choice text book.

Tuesday, March 19: Today we created an outline from a medieval poster. If you were absent for this, please set an appointment to come in at lunch and make up this outline-writing assignment. We also got a new vocabulary list this week. Extra copies of the vocabulary list are in the Tuesday box. Definitions are on the Vocabulary page, right here on clipboards.

Wednesday, March 20:  Today we created a folklore journal in language arts class. If you were gone, you’ll need to make one. An example of a folklore journal page is on the back of this week’s vocabulary list. I also advise you to look at your classmates’ folklore journals to help you understand how yours should look. You can find today’s vocabulary definitions on this page, right here on clipboards. Be sure and copy these down.

Thursday, March 21:  Today we were given a chance to write our own folk tales. If you’re back at school on Friday, you may be asked to go out into the hall and work on writing yours. If you’re not back to school until Monday, then you were excused from this assignment, as this grade will be included on the third quarter report card.

Friday, March 22:  Today we finished our vocabulary definitions. You can find today’s vocabulary definitions on this page, right here on clipboards. Be sure and copy these down.

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