Writing Assignment Using Conservation Vocabulary Words

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Any time you’ve been gone, you need to ask Mrs. Webmaster if she took grades on the D.O.L. assignments. If so, go get a D.O.L. make-up sheet from the make-up work center, take it home, follow the directions, and turn it in. Remember that Mrs. Webmaster’s hand is her in-box; NEVER leave make-up work on her desk.

Monday, May 6: Today we finished our flow charts. (They are officially due tomorrow.) We were also given a new vocabulary list: different ways to say “said.” Extra copies of this vocabulary sheet are in the Monday box. Since we had iPads today, most students defined their vocabulary words using dictionary.com today. (Don’t forget to include the part of speech.) Since you were absent today, you’ll need to either take your vocabulary sheet home to define the words or use classroom computers to define this week’s words, using dictionary.com. Students who are 13 and over also used their iPads to register for Figment. If you’re not registered on Figment by Monday, May 13, then you’ll be required to type your final draft of your science fiction story on MyBigCampus (where you can find the assignment has already been given). Please do not type your first draft for this science fiction story-writing assignment.

Tuesday, May 7: Today we turned in our flowcharts for a grade and started writing the first draft of our science fiction stories by hand. (No typed copies for the first draft please.) Since you were absent, you need to show the teacher your flowchart and tell her, “I still need a grade for this please,” so she knows to give you a score for it!

Wednesday, May 8:   Today we finished writing the first draft of our science fiction stories. These science fiction stories need to include the following:

  • a finished flowchart handout
  • at least one full page of dialog
  • paragraph breaks
  • a title, margins, double-spacing
  • a utopian or dystopian theme
  • vocabulary words from the “Conserving Resources” list

Thursday, May 9:   Today we were given a grade for the first draft of our science fiction story. Since you were gone for this, you need to show the teacher your first draft and tell her, “I still need a grade for this please,” so she knows to give you a score for it! We spent the class period working on edits. Again, you need to catch up by having a classmate edit your first draft for you.

Friday, May 10:  Today we finished editing our final drafts of the science fiction story. Do you have at least ten proofreading symbols on your first draft? Then you’re ready to begin typing on Monday! If not, find a classmate who can edit your first draft for you.

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