If you’re absent this week, you’ll need to make up your missing word cards (which you can download using this link) and journal responses (which are listed below). If you fill out a word card sheet and/or journal completely, please turn it in and get another from the reading boxes in the make-up work center at the back of the classroom.

In addition to that, students earn a sticker for their sticker sheets by reading. But if you’ve been absent, you simply read your mystery book at home for 30 minutes and have your parent sign your agenda saying that you did so. Then show this to Mrs. Webmaster, and she’ll give you the sticker you missed on the day you were gone. (For athletes, your coach can sign your agenda stating that you read on the bus that day.)

voyage with the pirates abourd aboard the hispaniola aboard the walrus of treasure island fame

Image: iClipart

Monday, May 6:

  • Word card = guinea
  • Journal = none
  • We returned our mystery books to the library today. Be sure and return yours as well.

Tuesday, May 7:

  • Word card = irony
  • Journal = If you were to interview Silver, what three questions would you ask him and why?

Wednesday, May 8:

  • Word card = residence
  • Journal = Predict how this book will end.

Thursday, May 9:

  • Word card = timeline
  • Journal = Compare the prediction in your first journal question of the quarter to the actual plot of the book.

Friday, May 10:

  • Word card = outline
  • Journal = What’s ironic about the way Treasure Island ends?

If you’d like a hard or digital copy of the handouts I’ve created for this and other classes I teach, please visit the “blog” section of my sister website, English Emporium.


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