Science Fiction Homework Activity Assignment Sheets

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Usually, you’re required to ask Mrs. Webmaster if she took grades on a D.O.L., but this week is the last week of assignments. Therefore, all make-up work must be turned in by Wednesday. If you don’t have your make-up work in by Wednesday, Mrs. Webmaster won’t have time to grade it. So there’s no make-up work required on any D.O.L. this week.

Monday, May 13: Today we were given an important field trip permission slip. It includes two permission slips stapled together. Please make sure your parent signed both. You’ll need $4.00 for the swimming field trip, so be sure and bring your money. All field trip permission slips and money must be turned in by this Friday, May 17th. We also copied our assignments into our agendas for the week; please do that. Finally, we were given a grade for having a completed first draft of our science fiction stories. Please show Mrs. Webmaster that you’ve completed your science fiction story and tell her that you still need a grade for it. (If you don’t tell her that, she won’t understand why you’re showing it to her.)

Tuesday, May 14: Today we continued typing our science fiction stories’ final drafts on and MyBigCampus. If you don’t type a final draft, you’ll be losing points for that! So be sure and come in at lunch (by appointment) if you need to, to get caught up. The typed final draft is also worth points!

Wednesday, May 15:   Today was our last day to type our final drafts of the science fiction stories on MyBigCampus or If you were absent when we finished this assignment, please ask to go to a computer and submit yours for a grade. (I’m sorry there’s no more time to type.)

Thursday, May 16:   Today we were given the test over Writing Vocabulary Test 4 (the “said” vocabulary). If you missed this important test grade, set an official appointment to come in at lunch or after school to make up the test.

Friday, May 17:  Today we scored each other’s stories, using the iPads to view/read each other’s stories. There won’t be time left to do this next week though, so just make sure you submitted your story online for a grade. We also took home our writing folders, which contain all the writing projects you worked on this year. I recommend that you take yours home and share it with your parents. Field trip permission slips were also due by today.

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