what's 7th grade language arts going to be different like from 6th ?

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The supply list currently shows that you need a spiral-bound pack of 3×5 cards, but that’s incorrect. We no longer use those.

For language arts this year, please bring the following items:

  • 1 spiral-bound notebook for Daily Oral Language
  • 1 blue or black ink pen (but you might want to buy extras)
  • 1 pencil (again, good to have a whole pack)
  • 1 correcting color (like a red pen, a purple pen, a green pen)
  • 1 pocket folder

And that’s pretty much it. You’ll find it’ll also be helpful if you have a highlighter pen and some loose-leaf paper. But we don’t use those as often as these items. It’s okay to just bring the above stuff. If your folks do buy you a highlighter pen, though, you’ll want to bring that to language arts from time to time. We also use colored pencils once in a while too, along with scissors and (rarely) glue.

I look forward to meeting you when school begins!


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