Schooner Diagram HMS Hispaniola from Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

Sample Schooner Art Project

If you’re absent this week, you’ll need to make up your missing word cards (which you can download using this link) and journal responses (which are listed below). If you fill out a word card sheet and/or journal completely, please turn it in and get another from the reading boxes in the make-up work center at the back of the classroom.

In addition to that, students earn a sticker for their sticker sheets by reading. But if you’ve been absent, you simply read your mystery book at home for 30 minutes and have your parent sign your agenda saying that you did so. Then show this to your teacher, and she’ll give you the sticker you missed on the day you were gone. (For athletes, your coach can sign your agenda stating that you read on the bus that day.)

Monday, Sept. 23:

  • Word card = stockade
  • Journal = Who are the two character narrators, and why are two narrators needed?

Tuesday, Sept. 24:

  • Word card = Jolly Roger
  • Journal = none
  • Today we went to the library and renewed our Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, or Agatha Christie novel. If you still need to do this, please ask for a hall pass to go to the library at the end of class today to renew your mystery book. Our book report form for this book will be collected on October 15.

Wednesday, Sept. 25:

  • Word card = coracle
  • Today we had a guest teacher, who handed out a diagram of a schooner. You are to draw, label, and  color your schooner (see image above for an example). You’ll find a schooner diagram guide sheet in Box 4 or Box 5 in the make-up work center.

Thursday, Sept. 26:

  • Word card = coxswain
  • Journal = We’ve begun doing journals every other day instead of daily, so people can easily keep up with the pace.

Friday, Sept. 27:

  • Word card = dirk
  • Journal = Compare and contrast the coracle and the Hispaniola.

If you’d like a hard or digital copy of the handouts I’ve created for this and other classes I teach, please visit the “blog” section of my sister website, English Emporium.


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