what is ben gunn's boat made of and how did he build it ?

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If you’re absent this week, you’ll need to make up your missing word cards (which you can download using this link) and journal responses (which are listed below). If you fill out a word card sheet and/or journal completely, please turn it in and get another from the reading boxes in the make-up work center at the back of the classroom.

Monday, Oct. 14:

  • Word card = timeline
  • Journal = If you could interview Long John Silver, what three questions would you ask him and why?
  • We finished reading Treasure Island today. As a review, we created a timeline that indicates what happened in the plot of the book. Please get a piece of drawing paper from your teacher upon which you can also create a timeline.

Tuesday, Oct. 15:

  • Word card = parrot
  • Journal = none
  • Mystery book report forms were due today. Please turn yours in immediately. (Extra copies of this book report form are found in Box 4, in the make-up work center.)

Wednesday, Oct. 16:

  • Word card = pirate
  • Journal = none
  • Today we took time to fill out a helpful study guide in groups or with partners. Look in one of the reading make-up work boxes at the back of the classroom for an extra study guide or download yours here: Test Study Guide Character Study.

Thursday, Oct. 17:

  • Word card = protagonist
  • Journal = None
  • We finished filling out our study guides today.

Friday, Oct. 18:

  • Word card = antagonist
  • Journal = None

Today the teacher handed out our test assignments and went over the requirements.

While taking our tests, we are not allowed to bring anything to class with us except pens and/or pencils. However, we’re allowed to use everything that’s in our file folders (old journals, word card assignments, the study guides we filled out this week, and even our schooner diagrams).

We’ll be taking this test for three days–including today–to allow us time to do each step in the writing process: a flowchart, a first draft, editing, revising, and publishing. However we need to come to class empty-handed on every day of the test (only bring pens/pencils).

If you’re gone during one day of the test, DO NOT WATCH THE MOVIE WITH THE REST OF THE CLASS; instead, finish your test before watching the movie please.


If you’d like a hard or digital copy of the handouts I’ve created for this and other classes I teach, please visit the “blog” section of my sister website, English Emporium.


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