Image: iClipart

Image: iClipart

Were you absent today? Here’s what you need to know: today we created writing folders in class. Find out from your classmates what color folders we used, and ask your teacher to please give you one. Then go back to the make-up work center. In Box 2, you’ll find extra copies of an assignment sheet called the “Writing Log.” Put one of these in your folder. Then turn to your right, and you’ll see a rolling cart filled with colored file folders. Put your folder in the box with the colored folders that match yours.

After making our folders, we wrote a story. In Box 3, you’ll find a “story-starter” page with a title like “Wendy Winger” or “Ghost in My Room” (they all have different titles). Pick a story starter that appeals to you, take it to your seat, and begin writing your story.

You can skip your journal entries this week, because they won’t be as helpful to you on the final exam. But starting next week, you’ll need to do our daily journal assignments too.

But if you enjoy writing in your journal, here’s the one we did today:




Journal: please list ten ways to publish your writing (any length of writing). You may use bullets. Don’t forget to head today’s journal entry using MLA format.

Journal entries are independent work. Do not get help from others. No talking please.


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