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Image: iClipart

Were you absent today? Here’s what you need to know: today we  read HJR 5 in an actual voters’ pamphlet. As we read, we used sticky notes to record any words we didn’t completely understand. Ask your teacher to let you borrow a voters’ pamphlet and sticky notes. As you read HJR 5 in the pamphlet, write down any words whose definitions might help you understand the HJR 5 law that’s being proposed.

Here’s the journal assignment we did today. Please copy it into your journal, as these can be used as “notes” on upcoming tests:




Students, please explain your responsibility as a future voter in America. Head your journal entry using MLA format. Give today’s journal entry a title and write for the entire seven minutes you’ll be given. Some things to consider (but they’re not required to be in your journal entry) include the following:

  • Do you have to vote?

  • What might be problematic if you don’t vote?

  • What kinds of laws do you think you might have to vote on in the future?

  • How does voting help you live a happier/more fulfilling life?

  • If you don’t think voting helps you live a happier/more fulfilling life, explain your point of view (POV).

  • What have you heard adults talk about, in terms of voting?

  • What do you think of people who don’t vote or people who vote randomly without researching the laws they’re voting on?


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