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Were you absent today? Here’s what you need to know: remember the vocabulary words we put on sticky notes yesterday? Well today we defined them (using a hard-bound dictionary or, so we could summarize HJR 5 in our own words. When you write this summary into your journal, please double-space, and it’s a good idea to use blue or black ink pen. Definitions for your words can be single-spaced.


  • First write at least five challenging words and their definitions into your journal.
  • Then use these definitions to guide you as you summarize HJR 5 from the voters’ pamphlets. Extra voters’ pamphlets are found in Box 4 or 5 in the makeup work center at the back of the classroom.

We also created blue writing folders. On the rolling cart in the makeup work center, look for a box of blue folders. At the back of the box are some blank folders. Take one of these and write your name on the tab.

Then look in Box 2 in the makeup work center, where you’ll find extra copies of an assignment sheet called the “Writing Log.” Put one of these in your folder. Then turn to your right, and you’ll see a rolling cart filled with colored file folders. Put your folder in the box with the colored folders that match yours.

Here’s the journal entry we did today:


Journal: define five challenging words from the voters’ pamphlet you were given yesterday. Write the words and their definitions in your journal.

You may use on your phone for this if you have already returned your signed syllabus. If not, just use a hard-bound dictionary to define the five words you’ve chosen.

If you were unable to find five challenging words in the voters’ pamphlet, please define five from this list:

  • herein

  • waive

  • frivolous

  • litigation

  • broker

  • guarantor

  • endowment


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