Were you absent today? Here’s what you need to know: we turned in our signed syllabi today. Did you turn yours in yet? There’s a black inbox in the makeup work center, at the back of the room. Make sure you put your signed syllabus in the one labeled with your class period.

You can skip your journal entries this week, because they won’t be as helpful to you on the final exam. But starting next week, you’ll need to do our daily journal assignments too.

But if you enjoy writing in your journal, here’s the one we did today:




Students, please take a good look at the following sample journal entry. In your journal, write three things this writer does well and two things she could do to improve this journal entry:

Journal 1Soph



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I am a school librarian with an English degree, and I like to write books. My literary agent is Elizabeth Kracht of Kimberley Cameron & Associates.

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