Assignment for students: Native American Roadrunner Tale

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JOURNAL: Write down everything you know about Christopher Columbus and the so-called “discovery” of America. You may use a bulleted list, numbered sentences, or paragraph style.

LESSON: Today in Junior English, we finished scoring “Abe and Charlie” for the six traits of good writing. If you’d like to finish scoring yours, please set an appointment to come in at lunch some time (you may bring your lunch and eat it) or e-mail your teacher with a request for the PowerPoint presentation. She will gladly send you a copy of her presentation, so you can finish scoring the story at home. Remember: the point of scoring this is to understand your teacher’s goals for you on the final.

After that, everyone listened as the teacher read a modern Native American story called, “They Call the Wind Acme.” You can find a copy of this story in Box 8. Please take it home and read it.

Once we finished reading this, we had a brief discussion about how the modern Native American is different from the Pre-Columbian Native American (meaning Native Americans who lived in North America before the arrival of Columbus).

Since you were gone for the discussion, it would be wise to do a little online research about Pre-Columbian Native Americans. Here are a few websites you might find helpful:




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