wolf howling at moon iClipJOURNAL: Compare and contrast oral traditions (like campfire storytelling) and written storytelling. Which type of storytelling better conveys cultural traditions?

LESSON: Today in Junior English, we read “Native American Oral Traditions” by Joseph Bruchac (page 15 in the literature book), “The Sky Tree” (pg. 20), “The Earth Only” (pg. 21), and “Coyote Finishes His Work” (pg. 22). We also created a T-chart that shows Pre-Columbian elements in each story vs. modern elements in each story. We included yesterday’s story, “They Call the Wind Acme” in our T-chart’s comparison.

If you don’t know what a T-chart is, please take a look at a classmate’s journal to give yourself a quick visual lesson about how a T-chart might look. (This doesn’t mean you should copy your classmate’s thoughts down; just look at theirs to see how one is made.)

If you need to catch up on the reading that you missed when you were absent, you may come in at lunch (bring a lunch with you to eat) by appointment, or check out a literature book to take home and read on your own.




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