Lesson Plans Charlotte Danielson for VFW Patriot's Pen Essay Contest

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JOURNAL: Please describe the archetype of the soldier/hero. Compare this archetype to the character of Paul in “Where Have You Gone, Charming Billy?” (the story we read in the literature book yesterday).

Today in Sophomore English, we read “The 12 Common Archetypes” by Carl Golden. A link is provided, so you can also read this article.

After that, everyone was assigned one or two archetypes to draw, color, and create an informational poster on. If you were gone for this, when we break into groups to finish working on our posters, please let your teacher know that you need to be assigned a group. Do not just assume that you can join your friends, as groups were assigned in a specific way.

If you’re reading this at home, you may download the handout here and print the assignment (or just read through it on your computer). Here’s the basic handout for the poster assignment:  The 12 Common Archetypes No Graphics You can just download that to your computer and read it using Microsoft Word.


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