Image: iClipart

Image: iClipart

JOURNAL: In your journal, summarize “They Call the Wind Acme.” Extra copies of this Coyote tale are in Box 8 in the Make-up Work Center. You’ll be given ten minutes to do today’s journal assignment.

VOCABULARY: Today our teacher checked our journals to see if we had five vocabulary words and their definitions for this week. This weekly vocabulary assignment counts for a grade, so please show yours to your teacher and say to her, “I still need a grade for this vocabulary!” (If you don’t say that to her, she won’t understand why you’re showing it to her, and she may just say, “Oh, that’s nice,” without ever giving you a grade. So you need to explain that you do need a grade.

LESSON: Today in Junior English, we continued reading the Pre-Columbian stories in our literature book. We also finished filling out our T-charts on these stories. If you need more time to read the stories in the literature book, please set an appointment to come in at lunch time or after school to do some catch-up reading.



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