Archetypes Regular GuyJOURNAL: In your journal, write a brief letter to our veterans, thanking them for their service. Mention the story we read in the literature book, entitled “Where Have You Gone, Charming Billy?” Your letter may be sent to the VFW, so please use a clean sheet of paper for this journal assignment.

On Wednesday, in Sophomore English, we read “The 12 Common Archetypes” by Carl Golden. A link is provided, so you can also read this article.

Today we presented our posters, reading the notes we organized on archetypes. Our classmates took notes on these archetypes. If you were absent for this, it’s a good idea to copy notes from this link — “The 12 Common Archetypes” by Carl Golden  — into your journal. You will need these notes for your final exam, which will ask you to reflect on the different archetypes. You will only be allowed to use your journal during the final, so make sure you can read your notes. You will not be allowed access to the internet during the final.


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