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DAILY JOURNAL ASSIGNMENTS: Please complete the following journal assignment, show it to your teacher, and say, “I need a grade for this day’s journal.” (If you don’t explain it to her, she may not understand that you still need a grade for a make-up journal.)

Monday, Sept. 15: Please explain the grammatical rule for titles. If you don’t remember it, you may copy it from this link.

Tuesday, Sept. 16: Please explain what a thesis is and where it typically appears in a traditional five-paragraph essay. If you need help, here’s a link to the video we watched in class.

Wednesday, Sept. 17: Create a thesis for the following writing prompt: How does social media impact education? Does it enhance or undermine the educational process?

Thursday, Sept. 18: When European people like Nunez Cabeza de Voca wrote about the Native Americans, how was their POV tainted by misconceptions?

DAILY CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES: If you need extra time to read the stories in our literature book, please come in at lunch or after school (by appointment), or consider coming to our Friday morning extra help session (8:00 AM to noon).

Monday, Sept. 15: Today we used our thesis statement graphic organizer to create an outline for an essay on Pre-Columbian vs. modern or European influences on Native American literature. Here’s the Outline Sampler that guided us as we created this document. Once your outline is finished, you should begin writing your essay on Pre-Columbian vs. modern or European influences on Native American literature. If you need any extra help creating an outline and/or essay, please remember that your teacher will be available for extra help on Friday, from 8 AM to noon. She’s also available at lunchtime, quite often, as well.

Tuesday, Sept. 16: Today we used our outlines to help us create an essay on Pre-Columbian vs. modern or European influences on Native American literature. The essay needs to be five paragraphs long, and it needs to include information from your notes that proves your thesis.

Wednesday, Sept. 17: All students took the District Writing Assessment today. You must take this assessment as well. You may be pulled out of other classes to make it up, or you may be given a chance to make it up during English.

Thursday, Sept. 18: Today we went to the library. This gave lots of students a chance to finish reading any stories they didn’t already read in class. We should be all done reading after today, but if you’re not, please check out a literature book. Also, our 9/11 graphic organizers (six boxes with descriptions of the men who were part of the rescue operation at Ground Zero) were due today. You need to show your graphic organizer to your teacher and say, “I still need a grade for this” please.


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