Encyclopedia Book Report Form

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Monday, Sept. 29:  Look in the “English Handbook Pages” under “Numbers” and copy the numbers rule into your journal. You only need to copy the basic rule, not the example.

Tuesday, Sept. 30: List the six exceptions to the numbers rule, as they’re listed in the “English Handbook Pages” (see yesterday’s journal).

Wednesday, Oct. 1: List three solid reasons why it’s important to learn how to do research. How might it help you in your adult life, for instance? How might it help you in your future career?

Thursday, Oct. 2: Just above the heading, “Word Choice,” on the final page of the “English Handbook Pages,” there’s a handy tip. Copy that handy tip into your journal please.


Monday, Sept. 29: Today we went to the big computer lab to type our archetypes essays. This essay is worth a lot of points, so you must also type yours during our class time. Some options are a.) type your essay during computer lab time when the rest of the students are doing research projects or b.) type your essay in the small computer lab at the back of your teacher’s classroom; when you’re ready to print, you may have a library pass.

Tuesday, Sept. 30: Today we went to the computer lab to finish typing our essays and begin our research using Wikipedia (for our assigned research projects). You can find the Wikipedia handout in Box 1. These will be graded assignments, so please go get some (or download them here) and fill them out. If you need to use the computer lab at the back of your teacher’s classroom, please make arrangements to do so.

Wednesday, Oct. 1: Today we filled out a World Book Encyclopedia handout. This handout can be found in Box 2. If your teacher no longer has the World Book Encyclopedias in her classroom, you’ll need to arrange for a good time to go to the library and work with the library’s encyclopedias on your own. We also started our thesis graphic organizer (due at the start of next week) for the research projects on famous international people. You can find an extra thesis graphic organizer in Box 3. Most importantly, don’t forget that our archetypes essays are due tomorrow.

Thursday, Oct. 2: Today we went to the library. Many students spent time looking up information on their research topics. No one was allowed to check out nonfiction books (as students from each hour will need them for their research), but we filled out a handout sheet on text materials, which can be found in Box 4. Finally, we turned in our archetypes essays today. You’ll need to turn in each of the following documents: the thesis graphic organizer (for archetypes), the outline, the first draft (should be well-edited), and the typed final draft. Give these documents directly to your teacher please.


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