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Monday, Oct. 13: How has slavery impacted our country? Offer three to five bulleted examples please.

Tuesday, Oct. 14: When is it morally acceptable to break the law? Offer three to five bulleted examples.

Wednesday, Oct. 15: Using sensory descriptions (like we did with poetry), describe the one thing that frightens you most.

Thursday, Oct. 16: Make a list of three to five book titles that might be considered Gothic literature. (They can be modern or classic favorites.)


Monday, Oct. 13: Today we read a document called “Aboard a Slave Ship: 1829” out loud with partners. You can find this document at the back of the classroom, in the make-up work center, in Box 7. Please take one home and read it. As you read it, take notes on the appalling conditions under which slaves were transported from Africa to the Americas.

Tuesday, Oct. 14: Today we read “Resistance to Civil Government” by Henry David Thoreau. Please set an appointment to come in after school or at lunch to read this important document. As you read, take notes on Thoreau’s philosophy.

Wednesday, Oct. 15: Today we chose one of the Gothic stories from our literature book to read. Please set an appointment to come in after school or at lunch to read one of these short stories. As you read, write in your journal the phrases that help to build suspense in the story.

Thursday, Oct. 16: Mrs. Wert did a book talk on classic and modern books with Gothic themes. Also, remember that our vocabulary lists are due on Fridays. Be sure and show your teacher your vocabulary list and say, “I still need a grade for this.” She can give you a grade.


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